Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Shirley Shackleton passing through Darwin this  week on the way to  Dili  in connection  with the  proposed  film  about  the murder of  the    Balibo 5  and  Roger East by  the  invading  Indonesian  forces .

Suggest the Northern Territory  News   UFO  reporter come down to earth  and  , along  with other Darwin media ,   check  on the  near  17 year   battle by Shirley Collins  to be recompensed for  her ruinous part in the   badly arranged by the Australian government   of   the  Bank of  America  Tour Down Under of  the USA in the lead  up  to  the Sydney Olympics .

The Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory  is  being relocated   from  its Cavenagh Street  premises  to 84 Smith Street , near the Chinatown carpark . Because of the move, the library will close July 26.  Any local journalists  who care to venture into the GSNT on a regular basis  and  ask questions   will discover   that  it  has   a thousand  untold  stories  which  can  be  written  by  other  than   historians . A News mugwump once  complained bitterly   about the high cost  of   getting  an  historian to write material about  the NT 's colourful  past when the obvious answer  was  to  get  reporters  to stop chasing  endless yarns about crocodiles, UFOs , crackers up clacker , etc.  and  exercise  real writing   and   investigative   skills   to    write   the   pieces   themselves .