Friday, July 29, 2016


Shocked American PR spokesguy   with  stuffed Koala  explains  why giant  brewer's yeast  company could  not  possibly  make  donations to  the  Liberal Party of  Australia because its members  are not happy little  Vegemites .

CANBERRA: Cash strapped , squabbling and suffering from BO , the Coalition  has just received the shock (unconfirmed)  news that one of Australia's  best known  overseas owned companies ,  Vegemite Inc. , is  reluctant to make a donation to the Liberal Party  sinking   fund which is kept under wraps in  the federal  Funk Bunker strongroom  along with  mushrooms. The Vegemite  mouthpiece said the wonderful spread was invented in Australia  and  sales  rocketed  because of the Happy Little Vege Mites  Song, so it is not possible to back  a  bunch of  sad looking , down at the mouth  losers like the Coalition , still  sobbing after the  election . The only happy people in Australia seemed to  be  the  ALP ,  who  might  receive a container load  of  Black  Jack delivered   COD.  
Donations will undoubtedly resume pouring into Liberal coffers when   fine Young Liberals like this bunch of  happy loons , who recently  appeared on the highly regarded , fair  and balanced,   ABC TV  show ,  Mad As Hell , are elected to parliament .