Wednesday, July 20, 2016


 CANBERRA : To show that the Turnbull Government is not a  bunch of South American  dictators , the shiny new regime , all wearing made in  Sri Lanka  starched  brown shirts and jocks , has promised to back Andrew Lloyd  Webber's production of  an epic  musical    called  Don't Cry for Me  Australia , inspired by  Eva Peron's smash hit  song   from  Evita  about  tragic Argentina , where the Yanks, once again, conspired to oust an elected   government in a right wing  coup   d'etat.

Webber  got the  brilliant idea  after  hearing that grounded former Speaker  Bronwyn Bishop , soon  to write a reveal all  book ,  was reported  as saying she was  crying  for Australia ; the  daddy of Federal Parliament , septuagenarian   Senator  Ian Macdonald , with  the undoubted wisdom of  the  elderly, said  he  knew  the election  would end  in  tears .

Senator Macdonald, it will be remembered was one  of  the scrutineers  for the "Town Crier ," Ewen Jones, in the   House of Reps seat of  Herbert , who is  a bit glassy eyed  after losing the  election  by eight  votes  to Cathy O'Toole (ALP ) ; there  will be a  recount  which will  be attended  by a planeload of  beady-eyed   Philadelphian lawyers acting  on  his  behalf.
There are reports  that Senator Macdonald  has  offered to  ship down  to Canberra  his piano  in  Townsville , see  above ,   to brighten up the party room  meetings where so many members are  misty eyed  at the thought of  those  who  lost their  seats . A kind  of  footy club  gathering about the pea green musical instrument with the senator pounding  away   with  his  good hand and both feet  , would undoubtedly lift  the spirits of  those  born to rule , who believe in  the  eye watering (for  wage slaves )   trickle  down  theory  of  economics.
True blue  weeper .
A sad,  unnamed  member of the Liberal Party , right , was snapped  by our candid cameraman just before he burst into  tears, demanded  a  tear  vial  in which to  catch and seal  his salty teardrops... and  a  crate of  Grange  to  drown  his sorrows .

 Some members of the Coalition,  however, known as Dad's Army, are more stoic,  and  only display  tears of  joy over the  latest attack plan , Operation Junta, in top secret meetings in  the  Monkey Nut  and Tasmanian  Devil   bunker.      

And the Townsville Bulletin  editor's eyes  must have  popped when Cathy O'Toole  was declared the preliminary  winner , as the  paper  , which at one stage  during the campaign  said  Jones did not have a clue, ran a   leader  strongly  backing   Jones, urging readers to vote for Ewen  . But then  the Murdoch  chain of papers  backed  the  Coalition across  the  nation.

Incidentally , the Chinese  regard   the number  8 as  very lucky . For example , the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics  in China took place  on 8/8/08 at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8pm ; the 8th day of the Chinese New Year sees the  annual gathering  of  the gods in Heaven .

So Cathy O'Toole  should feel  delighted  and lucky  by  her  8 vote win . In the event   of  a recount  turning  this into   an  88 vote win , the Chinese would regard this number  as  bringing  double joy. Would it ever ... Chinese celebratory  banquets  would be held   throughout  the electorate in ALP circles , with much rice  wine  consumed  and  8 tonnes  of   fireworks ignited  atop  Castle Hill .