Friday, January 31, 2014


With  a  king  tide and  cyclone induced  surge  expected  to  send  Magnetic Island’s  Picnic  Bay  old  jetty under water ,  people flocked  to  see  the spectacle.  It was like  a  scene from  the 1920s when Order of the Star theosophists , including  my grandfather ,  gathered  in a  specially  built  amphitheatre  at  Balmoral,  Sydney, where  the “Messiah”- Jiddu  Krishnamurti – would  teach  after  arriving  by ship .  Some  followers  believed  the  Second Coming would be viewed  from  Balmoral and  Krishnamurti  would be seen   walking  through the Heads into  the harbour. The holy man   had  addressed a  crowd of 15,000  in the Hollywood  Bowl  before  visiting  Australia .

On  the  island, it seemed  every man  and  his  dog/s   gathered  at   the  waterfront to  see  a natural  miracle  .  Water did   splash  up through  the  jetty  planks and swirl  way  up on  the  foreshore . After  failing to  see anybody  perambulating on the   briny,  Cyclops  and  partner, who  picked up  some nice  driftwood and  large pieces  of pumice  from  the Solomons  , adjourned  to  the  sand- bagged  pub  for  a  pleasant  early  morning  coffee.   The rain has resulted in  a  biblical plague of  flying  ants .