Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Santa  surprised   by  delivering  this  set  of Red Fox Ink    wooden  POLI BLOCKS–Australian  Labor  Prime  Ministers-which  you  arrange  to  make   the  complete  body  of   either  Ben  Chifley, Gough  Whitlam , Bob Hawke, Paul  Keating, Kevin  Rudd  and  Julia  Gillard .  When a  seven- year- old   great –granddaughter  called , carrying  a  jar  with yet  another  tooth  which  had  fallen out , which she intended to cash in with the Tooth  Fairy,  she  was  keen to  arrange the  blocks.  Her   grandmother  started to  teach  her  the names of  the   PMs,  concentrating  on  their  faces. She  quickly  remembered  Ben Chifley  because she has  a  schoolmate called  Benjamin ; when it  came  to   Gough  Whitlam , she often  paused  until  grandma coughed –Gough!- Whitley? No.– Whitling ?  ;  it  became easy  to identify  Bob Hawke in the line out  because  grandma  flapped  her  wings  like a  bird of prey ; in the case of Paul Keating , she  got his  surname  mixed  up –Keatley? Julia   Gillard  was  easily  identified as  was  Kevin  O 7 , because he was  wearing a  T-shirt with the message .

A  message  on the  package  said the creator  was tempted  to include both of  Kevin’s faces  but  then Ben  would  have   missed out .   The  great  Ben Chifley  would  almost  certainy turn out the light on the hill  if he were  alive today, not wanting  to   ignite  the   explosive   smell   wafting    across  the   nation   from  the party  in   NSW .