Monday, January 27, 2014


Twitchy  and  nervous  due  to  another  restless   night   trying  to  prevent   Chicky, the  cute  Curlew,   from   being  murdered  by   the   Barking  Owl , I  stumbled  out of  bed , fed  the  Curlews , made   porridge  and coffee  for  my  wife  and  returned   bottle  of  milk  to  the  frig. As  I  turned  away,  there was  one  almighty  explosion ... glass  flew ...  I stood   there  stunned ,  shocked   by   what   had   happened.   It  turned  out  that  an old  glass  soda  water  syphon  , which used  to be common  in  hotels,  one  of  seven  atop  the frig,  had fallen  onto  a Depression  glass  fruit   bowl  on  the   bench . The  syphon , put out  by  the  brewery  company   Tooth  and  Co.  Pty. Ltd., NSW,  fortunately,  did  not   smash.  
What   had   caused   the   heavy  bottle  to  fall ?  Had   there  been  an earth   tremor ?  Surely   not moved by the strong  wind that  blew  during  the  night ?  A  poltergeist ?    Leering  at   me  like  the   killer   puppet-Chucky-  at  the  front of  the  syphon   collection   was   the  Beenleigh  Rum  character  jug.    Experimenting   showed   that   the   frig  rocked considerably   when  the  door  was  closed   and  the  bottle  must  have eventually  boot  scooted  off  the end of the  line.  
The  syphons  , some  filled with  coloured water , above,  were  used  to advertise  softdrink  and brewery  companies  . There  is  one  for   Webster’s Soft  Drinks Pty. Ltd., Narrandera and Griffiths, and  Sheekey’s,  Wagga  Wagga , Pty. Ltd.,  both  of   NSW.   Bought  at  a  New Zealand  antique fair  are  ones   for  C.L. Innes  &  Co. ,  Auckland  and Hamilton ; Grey and   Menzies  Limited , Gold Medal  Mineral Waters, Thames, Auckland and Waikato;  C. Matthews, Wellington .  Thompson’s  Pure Soda ,   Purity  its   trademark, in  a   British  Syphon   Company , London, bottle  is   thought  to have  been bought  at  a  garage sale   in  North  Queensland .