Thursday, January 9, 2014


With  a  monstrous  government  in  Canberra  , we   think  it fitting  to  warn  our sensitive readers  that  we  have  an  epic  monster   story  which  will  scare the  pants  off  many.  It  may also cause some to question   the  sanity  of  all  connected with  this blog  and  the  shy  author of  the  exclusive  article  which will be  published  on January 32. We  have also  received strong  legal advice to  make it abundantly clear that  in  no way does  Magnautic  Island  represent  any  island now  alive  or dead , or infer that any  of  its  inhabitants are  suffering  from  algal  bloom . So ,stock up with  tranquillisers  and  brace yourself  for  this  edition  of   Australia's most  unusual  publication  as  it will be  a  sought after  collector's item, sold for a king's ransom  on e-bay and  going  for half  the  price  in Nigerian  back  alleys .
32 January 2014         Issue #02/14          Price: $33.47
Magnautic Island Times