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S(h)ipping  Reporter   Scoop
Magnetic Island  residents are convinced   that  a royal visit  is  pending .  This morning (Wednesday ),  without  any  notice , strange for a  place   awash in   dreary  spin ,  a  team  was  on  the  job early  starting to replace   the  rusty  waterfront  barricade  which  runs  about a large part of  a   long  running   eyesore,  " The Hole" . The  ferry terminal  loading  ramps  were  being washed down , the   accumulated bird  droppings  removed. 

And  the  three  abandoned  vehicles next to the  Nelly Bay  path were  removed.   Why this flurry of activity?  A well  informed  resident  told our  eagle eyed   waterfront   roundsman   the sudden clean up  of  the island   is due to a  visit, at long last ,  by  Prince Harry's cut out .
If  it  is  Prince  Harry , aka the Duke of Sussex ,  it is hoped he arrives  on the island  before the wet season  or else he will  de-laminate ,  droop  ,  become mouldy  if   subjected  to  a  rare  tropical  downpour .

The new aluminium barricade , which  will  obscure  the view of the  hole , will  see the  tiny remnants of   the  WWl  Red Baron aircraft  artwork , below,  disintegrating  for more than a year  , reduced  to   puzzling  pieces  of  faded  red cloth , disappear. 
  The  Red Baron  in Townsville   before  it  flew off  to  Western Australia.

Two whales this morning  provided  a right royal performance off  the island , one cavorting  about  a  boat  containing   20 women  from  the craft club on  an  excursion . 


Snapshots from Abra's inland safari .


Even  though looking  decidedly moth eaten , this  Emperor  Moth, nearly pecked to  death  during  a  Super Saturday  sausage  sizzle by  a  red -headed , free-loading , drunken cut out  , is the Turnbull Government's  new  fund raising  emblem .  Speaking from the  Coalition  Funk Bunker ,  chief  spin  doctor and  entomologist , Fritz  von  Waffleburger ,  said  the  moth  lapel badge will  be variously priced  ,  made  from    gunmetal  ($10) , fool's  gold ($100)   and   recycled  ABC drinking straws,50 cents -free   if you are a rabid public  broadcaster  hater , have  an irritable  bowel and  bright  red-neck ,  who   has  a Murdoch  subscription,  headphones,  I-pad , steak knives ,  etc.  
It is hoped  sales  of   the impressive   emblem , which projects an image of an emperor-like  strong man  in a Sir Robert Menzies  double-breasted  suit  running  the   country ,  will  be  so  great   that  the Coalition will be able to  afford   to stand   candidates  in  bothersome   Western   Australian  seats  at  the  next  federal   election .

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Missionary  experiences  after   the  Boxer  Rebellion .

In December  190l  Robert  Lamont  McIntyre set out  from  Brisbane   aboard the  SS Changsha   with a small group of  young men intent on ministering to the  millions in China .  Born in  Dumbarton  Scotland, where his father had run an iron  foundry,  the family sailed to Brisbane because of  his mother's health  when he was  eight, she  died   soon after . His father remarried  when he was  10 and his stepmother , a devout  woman  with whom he formed a great attachment,  influenced his outlook. He became  deeply involved with  the  Windsor  Road  Baptist Church in  Brisbane .
Early jobs did not appeal  to him  in the  printing trade  and boot-making , where in the latter  he was vexed from day to day by the " filthy conversation  of the wicked ". Taking a stand on the side of purity , he  was  nicknamed  "The Parson".

In 1899 , the  visit  to  Brisbane of  missionaries  Doctor  and Mrs   Howard Taylor  directed  young  McIntyre's  thoughts  to service in  the  China  Inland  Mission , founded by  Dr  Taylor's  father . While he was  attending  the new  Missionary Training Home   at  Stanmore,  Sydney , which  included much time spent in the  Sydney Hospital  casualty  section learning  medical procedures,   the  1900  Boxer Rebellion  against  foreign interests  took  place . Undeterred , McIntyre   continued  his  studies , said to have been " a  born doctor."

At the end of  two years, not a qualified  doctor ,  described as a  timid young man , he presented himself to the  Council of the China Inland Mission  in Melbourne , who  accepted him for  duty in  China . In Shanghai , the young missionaries   experienced  " the  fun and merriment " of   getting into   local clothing , attending  the Mission Language School  at  Ganking.

Left to run the mission station at Luchow ,  he made a name for himself when  , through his medical knowledge,  he  saved a  family who had  eaten poison mushrooms ;  fixing a man's broken jaw  enabling him to speak  added to his reputation ;  apart from spending all the money he could get on medicines to establish a  large  dispensary  , he  also studied  and  used " native drugs ."

A young woman, Miss Emma   Spiller ,  from Gympie, Queensland , joined the mission  work  and  she and McIntyre married  at Chungking, January 9,1906.  Soon after  the brief  and   unusual wedding, they  set out on the honeymoon   journey , stopped at  a  prison  with a chapel  fitted out  by  inmates,  the walls decorated with  scrolls  and  pot plants, where they were    entertained  and    given  wedding  presents .

The above book , written by Mrs McIntyre a few months after her husband's death ,  printed by W.R.Smith &  Paterson Limited, Brisbane , 1922 , was  unearthed   on Magnetic Island , North Queensland .  In it she  described how she  often  accompanied her  husband  in a sedan chair as  he trekked on  foot  carrying  out  his work ; with the arrival of children , they also  rode in the  conveyance ,  which  was  carried  by  supporters .

When civil war broke out , her   husband was  in  the thick of  things .The   American  Baptist   Hospital  filled to overflow  and he was  put in charge of a kindergarten  converted   into  a  ward . Serious  fighting broke out at Lachihsien , an outstation of Luchow, well  known to McIntyre , so he felt he should go  there  and  help .

 In a letter , he  wrote that he was going through the horrors of  war. On coming from a building  on the Sui-fu hills  cannon was roaring  almost  all  around  , the "doctoring  business  " brisk . After a few days , the fighting moved  away  towards   Luchow . There  the   China  Inland  Mission  centre  - church , school and guest halls - was   converted  into  a  hospital .  Fashionable,  sterilised  doctors  ,  McIntyre  said,  would  have had   ten  fits  had  they  stepped in , the place  looking more like a  pig sty than a hospital  at  its  busiest.   
 The  patients, mainly soldiers ,were packed so close on the floor  it  was hard  to  walk  between them , the  sight nauseating , about 800 treated  in a  short space of time .   He spoke of  patients shot  through the abdomen , an interesting brain case on the way to recovery . Some  wounded  soldiers had not been found for days and there were  signs that  some were " tinkered  with  by Chinese  doctors".
The warring  parties were  the  Imperial army (the Northerners)  and  the  Republicans  ( the Southerners) . McIntyre   wrote that the  good conduct of the  Republicans  had  won the hearts of  the people ;  the  evil conduct of the  Imperial army  caused  great fear , especially among women and  girls . 

Looting , burning , murder and rapine  was the order of the day when   the Imperialists  entered  a city . The trouble was due to  one  *Yuin-Shi-Kai  ( see  footnote ), wanting to  be king  against the will of the people , hence the  so called revolt .  The  book account   continues :
A throne set up  on  the foundations of  which we have been eye-witnesses  during the  past fortnight  is a  throne  that will soon crumble and  fall . The worst Manchurian  rule  was  never so bad as the present . Fortunately, we foreigners   are immune .  Yuin-Shi -Kai is a now hated by the  people  here .

The presence of foreigners , he added, had saved the city from  destruction by fire , six blazes  started the  first night the Imperialists  were in the city , but extinguished .  He wondered  what  newspaper  reports  were saying  about the   "revolt ".  If the world at  large  could  have seen what  had  been  going on , they would  hiss Yuin-Shi-Kai  from his throne .  

During  his  teachings McIntyre  gave  gospel lessons   using  lantern  slides  about  mission work in New Guinea  . His hospital and out patient  clinic  was a hive of activity, some of the  many wounded he treated , said to have been dumped upon him , their  condition  indescribable .  Helping a man off  the dressing  table in the hospital , McIntyre complained of an acute  pain in the stomach . Brought home in a chair , he was put  to  bed and  "never rose again. " He was  42 .  There was a memorial service  at the   Windsor Road  Church   in Brisbane .   
The  McIntyre  family, nine months before  he died .
A previous owner  of  the  book , long ago ,  had  been   G. M. Howlett, the name penned in .
FOOTNOTE :  Yuan Shikai , above , military  general   who  rose to power during  the late Qing Dynasty , first  formal president of  China,  once   titled  Emperor  of  China , had   nine  concubines .

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Cane toad looking  Castle Hill , Townsville, from an angle which includes  a  Queenslander house  with   several flower  laden  mango trees . Signs of  early Mango  Madness  evident   in   the  city .  

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S(h)ipping   Reporter  Scoops  Landlubber  Media

Magnetic Island  residents  were  surprised  to  receive   not  one but  three messages in quick  succession on July 22   from   Fantasea  Cruising   drawing attention  to   the  need for  the recipient   to  update  registration  of   their  Queensland  driving licence with  an  island address  to  be   eligible for the "Island Resident Discount ". The terms and conditions should also be  read ,  signed  and  returned  for  the  file  within  14  days  or there would be no discount  for  the  car  ferry .

The first  two messages  contained  the  personal  email  addresses  of   a  number of  people .This was  followed by a  recall  without  the   bank   of  original   recipients . One   address  had been for  a  Cairns   airconditioning  company...on Magnetic Island ?   Right  now  there  is  growing  concern   about the  failure of  companies  to  guarantee privacy of  information- Telstra  ,  Federal government health records   the   latest.    
In  its  emails , Fantasea  said  it  is  a private company  with a strict policy   for any  discounts  provided   to   make  sure  it  is not abused. It  seems  its  policy  for protecting  customers'  email  addresses  is  not  so  strict ,  leaking .

The  waterfront   roundsman  also reports   that   the asbestos warning  sign  at the front of  the  Breakwater  Sealink ferry  passenger  terminal  is   still   missing, which somebody in the local media should  follow up .  It had been on  the  port asbestos register  for years , started  to  peel , vanished , leaving  its metal base streaked with adhesive  ; what  has  happened to the  warning  sign ...not regarded  as  desirable  next   to   newish   large  ferry   travel  posters  ?

Meanwhile ,  when  not engaged in  R and R  at  Molly Malone's Irish Pub  , the thirsty S(h)ipping  Reporter , the only one north of Whakarewarewa, has revealed he is  working  on  several  other  marine  scoops  with   pix.  


Big Trev nominated for Purple Heart / Two-headed Yeti  to  stand  for  LNP next Mount Everest Braddon contest / Threat to thump somebody  during  the  night  in  Mayo / Antony Green  is  a  Russian  hacker!!!
Deep within the Coalition  Funk Bunker in  Sydney's Luna Park , Prime Minister   Malcolm Turnbull , above , mounted on his  windy   steed, today declared  Big Saturday had  been  a  wonderful victory  for  his  rusty knights . The historic  nigh on  100  year  track  record  proved  beyond a  doubt , he muttered in French  , that it was  impossible for  a  government  to  win  a  by-election race , even  if   mounted   on   Fine  Cotton . 
 Thus  the  election outcome  had  really been  a  fabulous  Tory  jousting   tournament  win, confirmed  by government  jester  and  Croweater   Christopher Pyne , appearing  open-necked and  bare-faced  on the ABC Insiders .   Limping , due to   a huon  pine arrow  in the  foot , the PM  made  the sensational  allegation  that   the  ABC  election computer nerd , Antony Green , had   hacked and  rigged   the  election vote   in   all   the seats    early  in  the  night .
 Helped off his knackery-bound  nag  by   a team of  lowly    serfs and Daily Telegraph   reporters ,  Sir Malcolm   promised  the  Adelaide  blue rinse-pearl choker-and  cardigan set  his  vassals  will  storm  Mayo  again   at  the  next election in  a  bid  to  put the  seat  back  in  the  hands  of   the   Downer dynasty .   
Ye  olde   Mayo  mercenary  foot  soldiers .
Like Pauline Hanson ,  Turnbull   disappeared  soon after  removing his tight  codpiece , which  had  caused a  nasty  looking , huge  rash  . Copious quantities  of   horse liniment were applied , causing  him to scream . Then  he   went on  a  secret  bow- legged  sea  voyage  to  a   popular  retreat   from  whence he sent us  this  wish  you  were  here   postcard .


Abra Safari.

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An  unexpected    birthday present  from Number  1   daughter, the above  superb  book  about   Olive  Muriel  Pink,  caused   the  Little Darwin   Miss  Pink  file to  be  taken  out  and  examined . The  cover  photo  was  taken  with   another    birthday  present , a snazzy   camera   from   all four  of  my cherubs , turning me into a snap happy pappy.  Must  drop a  hint  I  would like  a Harley ,  a  leather  jacket, a tattoo  and  a   course  of   monkey gland  injections  for  the  next  birthday  .

By Peter Simon
An immediate  point of  interest on  opening  the  book   was  Olive Pink's  1929 bookplate , designed  by   the renowned  artist  Adrian Feint  , his bookplates exhibited in America,  which  shows a  naked  female holding up  an Olympic  like torch, the motto  Simplicity, Beauty, Honour  and   Truth.  Author Gillard  deserves  a veritable cluster of gold  medals  for  the wonderful  book  with its    extensive  information ,  photographs  and   artwork.

It  covers Miss Pink's life  from Tasmania , taking part in art  classes there ,  her  involvement with leading  artists in Sydney.  It was surprising to  learn that  her  overland  travels   took her  to Darwin  in 1930  where she  spent  six nights in the  Victoria Hotel , sending a postcard  from  there.  If  I had  been aware  of  that  and  other  facts ,  I would  have  asked  Miss  Pink  to  elaborate during  my meetings and telephone conversations  with  her . But  then  life  is full of  what ifs , if  only as you  look  back on events  and  encounters  with people of  interest . 

 A grand ,  spirited, fiercely independent   woman , Miss  Pink , who died in Alice Springs in 1975  at the age of  91,  roamed the Tanami Desert  in the 1930s  carrying out anthropological studies. I visited her in  Alice , spoke  to  and contacted  many  people  who  had  dealings with her ,  including   Professor  Elkin  of  the  anthropological  publication ,Oceania , who was  given  a hatbox  by  Miss Pink  and  firmly instructed  not  to  open  and  look at  the contents until she gave permission  ;  former  politician  and  Governor-General , Sir Paul  Hasluck , who had a lot of respect for Miss Pink ;  crusading  newspaper editor  Jim  Bowditch ,  donged on the head, for some unknown reason ,  by  an   umbrella  wielded by  angry Miss  Pink ; longtime Alice Springs  identities, including one who said  he  believed  she  deliberately hastened  her   death  by  turning  on   an   airconditioner  during  a  cold  snap . 
Late in  life, Miss Pink  told me "Mr Bowditch" and another journalist, whom she suspected had been drinking , called at her  hut  and  the editor  had fallen into a patch of her flowers , still   depressed   ages  after .
With  these memories   running through my mind , the old ticker was pumping  when I opened  the  Miss Pink  file with its   five folders . There  is  a  1974  message to me and  photographer Ray Sharpe on personalised   notepaper   apologising for  cancelling  an  invitation to call  on  her and partake of sherry. On  coming   down  from  Darwin  we  intended to photograph  her residence  and  garden  ,  then  described  by  her  as the  Australian  Arid  Region's  Reserve  and  area of  Peace and Beauty,  terms  similar  to  her  bookplate  , of  which  she was  honorary  caretaker . She  was unwell  at  the  time  . We did , however, get to  see her , no photographs  permitted. And  she  died  the  following  year .  
In her own hand , a  tattered  , brittle sheet  of writing paper , parts missing , contains  biographical details , including  her  activities  in  the  Tanami . An artist and  sculptor , she had  been a draftswoman  in  the  NSW Government Railways and Tramways, said to have   involved  in  some  way  designing  the  railway  part of the  Sydney Harbour Bridge .   Stressed  in  the  above outline is the  fact  that  she, fiercely independent,  had carried out research amongst the Aborigines  in  the Centre at her own expense . Later , the Australian National Research Council   (ANR)  had  helped.

In 1935  she pulled no punches   outlining the plight of  fullblood Aborigines  in Australia , especially  the impact of   venereal infection of women  impact on the population  and the  "sex solidarity" silence  between  white members  aware of this situation .    
In   December  1938  , the  Canberra Times  published an equally    strongly  worded  article  by her , wanting to  influence  the  future  policy of  the Australian government covering  Aborigines.  In  it she  roundly criticised  the work of  missionaries . 
People who advocated religious freedom  could not support a system whereby  Aboriginal reserves were painted in  various colours  on  maps  denoting  which religious  faith  held  the  area .  This  was  like  applying a  particular religious  tag   as  to   cattle  on  stations in the North . 

 Those   in the  mission  areas were   driven  like  dumb  cattle , the " converts"  in return for doles of bread  and  clothes, forced to   do  lip service  to  beliefs  with which  centuries  of  their   civilisation   had  nothing  in   common .
Our Aborigines were not nomads as  Gypsies and they should not be made nomads, she wrote .  They had well defined totemic  clan estates, or  had  them until  Europeans  used  them  for   station homes  and  other  purposes .

Australia, she pointed out , in keeping with  most   other countries , was  at that time   deeply concerned about  the plight of German Jews . Yet  the Jews in their social and religious persecution   at least could put their own case  and take steps to improve  their  situation .

Aborigines were  inarticulate  and    impotent, facing religious  domination , social  persecution .  Australians inside and outside of parliament must come to the  rescue of  these helpless  people . She  advocated each  tribe be given  a secular sanctuary  where it could shape its own  destiny in an  atmosphere free of   repression ; she  be  put  in  charge of  one such  area .  

Her travels in the outback , at times painting  flowers , inspired her to write an article, below , which appeared in the  Sydney Mail  of August 12, 1936,  explaining  how  she could tell  the time of  the day  by  desert   flora, signing herself " Truganini",  the  so called last  Tasmanian Aboriginal woman .  Flowers  feature  on   the 1970   note   paper   included  in  the  graphic . 

 The  book   is  full of   surprises  , contains snippets  of  revealing  information on several subjects of  deep  interest to me , including  the  artistic career of  Aboriginal  artist Albert Namatjira .   It   informed   me  Miss Pink   in  1938  had been a member of the Women's Industrial  Arts Society  in Sydney .   A  member of  the same  organisation   was  another  remarkable woman , the  New Zealand artist  also  with a colourful Christian name , Violet  Bowring ,  covered  in this blog ,   who  did a  portrait of  poet  A.B. "Banjo" Paterson ,  of Waltzing Matilda  and   The Man from Snowy River  fame , her personal papers  in  Special Collections,  Eddie  Koiki Mabo   Library ,  James Cook University,  Townsville .

Author Gillian Ward  is a member of  the Hobart botanical artists group Botaniko ,  a reference  librarian, researcher , artist , photographer  and  graphic designer. In  2004  she curated an exhibition of  Olive Pink's paintings at the University of Tasmania  Library .
 NEXT : Miss Pink's  open letters  to the nation , union  support  and her  " love  story ."

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Big   Brother(s)   Epic  Goes Viral .
Produced on  a  shoestring  and a  pre-loved  jockstrap budget ,  a  movie  to mark the  anniversary of  a  major   Australian  sporting  victory - the 1984  rugby league grand final  win  by  Brothers , in  Darwin - has  had a  fabulous  response, ratings  astronomical , you  could  say  gone  troppo .
It  was  thrown  together  in  Townsville and Darwin  by  Pyro North Productions in  next  to  no  time - yet  has  stunned  audiences  all   over   the   globe.  Pyro, with  Egyptian backing,   is rumoured to be working on the sequel ,  another rugby  block buster movie , Curse  of   the  Flaming Mummy's  Dummy   Pass .

Cigar  chomping  Hollywood  tycoons  are  clamouring to sign up the  mysterious   team  of   red  hot  filmmakers   after  the movie  was   declared  one of the most  riveting   films of  the year , winner  of  the  audience participation of  the  year  award  , winner  of  the  best ( and  cheapest ) director of  the  year  award.

A French film  critic in  a  beret   said  zee  fabulous   footie  film  is certain to win  the   Palm  d'Or   at  the  next  Cannes  Film  Festival .  He would like to see Fifi Le Bon Bon signed up for  Pyro's next  production .  Meanwhile , praise for the footy show  continues to  pour   in.  Respected Darwin  businessman and   inventor , Dave Smith , well   known   in  Top End   flying  saucer  and  banking   circles ,  says  the  shock   Big  Brothers  win , as depicted  in the movie, is  an inspiring  message  about   the  triumph  of   the   human spirit . 
A clue to the   anonymous  production team   is revealed in the  puzzling  credits.  Taking  a  wild  punt , it seems  Simo  played a  major part in  the  production , even  sold popcorn   and  light  refreshments  during  the red carpet   premiere  screening   in   Darwin   at  the Brothers  60th  anniversary  bash .   



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 Calcutta   link  to  South Australian  poison  plot !!!

Included in the pile of old  documents  from the  Dutton family  homestead, Anlaby , at Kapunda , South  Australia ,  were  some  relating to an investment opportunity in Papua Plantations Limited , the  chairman of directors of  which  was   Stephen  S.  Ralli . Another director , R. T. Melrose , may have been in partnership  with   H. H. Dutton  in a Morgan pastoral property .  Of  all  the many people mentioned  in  the  collection , Ralli  was selected  to  follow up  , and   hit  an  unexpected  jackpot .
 By Peter Simon
A search of the  National Library of  Australia  newspaper Trove  turned up a unique 1902  court  case  involving  Ralli, owner of  Weracata Station , Balaclava, South Australia . He was  charged  with  a  breech of  the  law pertaining to the import  of a   small quantity of pure  mustard  oil   from  India , ordered  through an agent , worth  two  shillings  and  eightpence , not  30 cents , the duty on which  would  have  been  sixpence , five cents  .
The  four tins in  which the  oil came ,  each containing slightly more than a pint ,   attracted  attention  when  it  was  noticed  that  Jail  was  printed on them . The court  documents  said  it had been produced  at  His Majesty's Presidency  Gaol, Calcutta , India .   The  newspaper  report   explained    mustard  oil  was  said  to  be  very  efficacious  in sickness.
Ralli  pleaded not guilty and was  defended by  Mr A. W. Piper   who obviously thought  the   charge  was  absurd , describing  the  hearing   as  being " like a  French court . " Nevertheless , the Crown Solicitor , Mr J. M. Stuart , was a  high powered  King's Counsel.  
Under cross examination , a Customs Officer, with  29 years' experience , said it was  the first time he had  known mustard oil  to be impounded . Further  more , the officer agreed he had never been   to Calcutta, been inside  the   prison  mentioned  in   the    charge , nor  had  he  ever been  inside   any  other  gaol .
Piper   pounced on the witness , "Then you have never known  Ralli to threaten  to  poison  all  of  South Australia , have you ? "  Laughter  ensued    in  the courtroom . No , was the reply .  The sympathetic bench decided to  cut  the mustard frivolity by   imposing  the lowest  fine possible , five pounds , and  did  not  impose  costs . Wonder if  Stephen   Ralli  , apparently interested in early automobiles , was  related to the   rich  Greek  Ralli  Brothers  dynasty which  had  widespread   interests  in commerce , banking , produce  in   Russia, India  Britain , America   and   elsewhere ?

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South  of  Tennant  Creek, Northern  Territory. Abra  photographs  

Monday, July 23, 2018


Dutton Dynasty  Documents   #3

The   Anlaby  Station  homestead, at Kapunda , South Australia ,  was showered with  offers   for  a   diverse  range  of  products , gadgets  and   services , a  small  sample from  its  office  files   displayed  below.
Sixty pound drums of   poison sold for  36 shillings  each, smaller  tins  three shillings  . When it came to  tree removal , Brown's Great Tree Puller , demonstrated  in the Adelaide  Botanic  Gardens  before   500  impressed  spectators   in 1909   was  recommended . Leafing through the documents, another  tree  puller  with  a name like  the  Tasmanian  Devil  was   seen .
To  help farmers   make their own fuel ,  no solar panels in those days , they were offered  the  " Brisbane"  charcoal  burner  , shown here  installed  on a  property in  Zillmere  , Queensland ,which   could  burn  green  timber.
One of the wonders of the age , an ice making machine ,  would have been  in demand  , even if  you needed  a  dash  of   sulphuric acid. The pamphlet, below,  for the  various model  ice machines ,explained  the  wonders of how the cool stuff is made. It might  have been brought  back  from an  overseas  trip   by a member of  the Dutton  family as it refers to  acid being available from London or Liverpool  stores.
From Adelaide  came   samples  of    paper  and card  available  for   envelopes  and  writing   paper   for   business  and  social   occasions .  Of  particular  interest  was   a   slip  from  a London   firm , below , offering   vegetable parchment, like  the  papyrus of  Egypt , the  Paper of  the  Priests .

Fertilisers  ,  various   engines ,  the  famous  Sunshine Harvester and  beds   were the subject of  pamphlets .  Noticed  was  the  1911  Kapunda Racing Club  report in which it said  Mr  H. H. Dutton and  Mr  S. Kidman , who became  famous as  Australia's Cattle King , had each donated  10  guineas  towards  stake  money.Obviously  no range war  going  on between  the sheep and  cattle ranchers   as  in  America , if  you believe the  movies .   


The  Duttons    had  the  first sheep  station  and  stud  in  South Australia  and made  a  fortune selling wool . Naturally ,  Anlaby, their main  homestead ,   received  numerous   brochures   and   letters  related  to   the  sheep  industry , including  the  above  1912  offer  for  a new type of  electric  shearing machine  ,  sporting  an office   spike  hole  at  the  top .  
There is evidence in the files of moves to counter growing union power and concern about shearing  contracts . This harks back to   1891  when  shearers  went on strike in Queensland  over pastoralists  attempts to  employ  cheap non-union  labour , an  event  leading to formation of the  Australian Labor Party .
A 1910  letter  from the Pastoralists ' Association of  South Australia  covered  the  arbitration  and conciliation  hearing in which  the  Australian Workers'  Union  (AWU) was  described as being " against   pastoralists" .  It said the  adjourned hearing would resume  with  a  visit to  Wingalee Station , near Coonamble , NSW,  to view the start of  shearing . It invited  Anlaby  to  be  a  registered party in  the  case . 
A  1912  letter, with associated  prospectus ,  from  Sydney , outlined the  plan  to  set up a   large   company ,The Federal  Pastoral Shearing Co. Ltd., to check the  influence of  the  AWU  as  well as provide  a "controlling  voice " in contract  shearing .   It  proposed   taking  over The Federal Sheep Shearing  Company Limited , founded in 1904, operating   in   NSW, Queensland, Victoria  and  South  Australia .
Another call to arms   came in  the form of a  "Liberal Union "  card , above ,  urging   farmers to   start  branches  and protect their interests .  The president of the Liberal Union , Senator Joseph  Vardon ( 1843-1913 ) , anti Socialist ,  was  a  printer and  publisher ,  whose  business  was  taken over by  the  Adelaide  Advertiser .  
The  1910  Pastoralists'  Association of  South  Australia membership  list shows  three  properties  held  by  the Duttons :  Dutton , Hy.  ( Henry ) , at Anlaby , known locally  as The Squire  of Anlaby ;  Dutton, H. H. (his son ), of Nikalapko ,  at  Morgan , the  busy  riverboat port  on the Murray River  (later ensconced  at  Anlaby )  ;  and  Dutton  and  Melrose  , North  Booborowie,  Ulooloo.
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Vallis  photographs  from Magnetic Island . 

Sunday, July 22, 2018


There was  a prediction during the  week  that  a dust cloud  could extend  from the inland  as  far  as  Townsville  on  the  Queensland  coast . That would have a been a  change from  the smoke cloud which swept over the city  on Monday afternoon  from  a  Defence  training  incendiary  drop. 
 On   Friday afternoon   the  city   appeared to  be under  haze  of  some kind  when viewed   from Magnetic island .  On  Sunday morning  this blog  received  photographs  of  changing  conditions  experienced  driving   from  Townsville towards   Mount  Isa .
Out of Townsville  there was  extensive  mist ;  later on , 40kms   from Richmond, deep  in  dinosaur  country ,  the  landscape  below  looked   dry  .
Approaching   the  Mount Isa  mining    area,  the terrain changes  .