Sunday, May 6, 2018


Prime Minister  Malcolm Turnbull says the  nation's electricity  grid, which stretches from North Queensland ,  down along the east coast   and across to  South Australia , is a  wondrous , vital  link . But  is he aware that in the Sunshine State  eagles  just luv  transmission  towers  and  build  large nests in  them ?  A    claw placed   in the wrong   place  could result  in ZZZT!!!! -Zap!!!-Kaboom!!! ,  the  entire nation's system  brought  down, which would surely cook  the  Coalition's  goose and result in a mayday call to  Mr Tesla , if he has not departed for  Mars . 
 This is not a  far fetched scenario . Just last week ,  a    Little Darwin  team came across  the  above  huge eagle nest   built  on  a  transmission  power line  , a  youngster present , right  next  to  the  Captain Cook Highway.  Insulators can be seen  sticking  out of  and around  the  nest.
The eaglet  was somewhat nervous-who wouldn't be  trying to sleep   next to a main arterial road  upon  which  vast  numbers of  trucks, backpackers in Wicked Vans with naughty slogans  painted on them ,  buses  and  motorbikes thunder by ? 
Our nature loving   blog  team made soothing whistling noises  to pacify  the bird , which explains why  two  strange men were seen  standing on the side of  the road, looking  a  bit  stupid , lips  extended   like  Donald Trump  delivering a Bronx cheer  to  the assembled media.