Tuesday, May 15, 2018


This blog is about to  launch a  new cottage industry as a  result of  a  garage sale  purchase-a bundle of  albums   going back  to  l950  dealing with the  art of crochet ,  knitting   and   dainty  stencilling.
Tucked away in a  plastic sleeve , near instructions on how to  embroider  a crinoline lady hanky corner   and   make a  nasturtium  tablecloth ,were handwritten  instructions  on  how  to   knit   Russian  boot  bed   socks...a green ant running about the computer is  interfering  knitting  this  post  together .   
Surprising to learn  Ruskies sleep in footwear.
At the back of a  tearsheet   about  handkerchief  edging  (Go away ant! ), from the Australian Home Journal of November, l963, was an article about  Matson Line  hostess Hope Evans , who  collected  items  for   two leper  colonies  in Fiji and Tahiti .

Although she had been  born at Jasper, near Alberta, Canada, she was  American by adoption .  She had   obtained  her  wanderlust  from a "lady milko" , a New Zealander, who had  the  milk run in her home town.

During her travels she  had  collected  about  100 high fashion dresses , many bought in Australia , kept in her cabin aboard the  Mariposa ...evening gowns of  lace, fine embroidered linens and silks, hand painted casual sun  dresses   from Tahiti , Honolulu . Australian fire  opals , which  reminded  her of  wonderful South  Pacific  sunsets  and   sunrises,  were  also  collected.
The garage sale find , on Magnetic Island, included Australian and  overseas crochet design books , tearsheets  from such publications  as  The Australian Women's Weekly, New Idea, The Australian Women's Mirror .
On the doyley front, there were instructions for  Solomon's Knot, Pineapple, Tulip , Grape, Star Petal , Shell, Cone and Knot, Thistles, Dahlia  and  Daisy Medallion ,Old Rose, Primroses. One magazine bore the name of a Hermit Park,  Townsville , resident.