Wednesday, April 25, 2018


While Anzac Day was being marked in Townsville , the above  open hatch design   German owned  general cargo  ship , Eike Oldendorff , was  in  port . Sailing  under  the  flag  of  Portugal,  the  Australian  flag was fluttering  overhead  while  alongside .
And  on Magnetic Island   at the same time  was a young  Turkish man  who had  recently  arrived   to  meet  his  dying  British  father-in-law for the first time .  

Our  S(h)ipping Reporter, the only one north  of  Streaky Bay , said the  name of the German vessel alone should have been enough to lure an inquisitive  deskbound   reporter  to the  waterfront  to investigate .

Launched in 2017 at the  CSC Jinling Shipyard , China , Eike Oldendorff  is one of  13  vessels of the same design  ordered  by  Oldendorff  Carriers  from the Chinese , all ending with Oldendorff , such as -Eckert, Emma, Eibe, Edward, Elsa, Ernst , Edgar . The 100 percent  family owned  company has  two main offices,  one in Lubeck, North  Germany , the other in  Singapore .  In September  2014  , the company was reported to be one of the world's largest  dry bulk carriers, with  500 ships under operation  at any one time ,  which was  able  to  trade "without deficit "  while   others   were   struggling . 

A few weeks  ago a large  Japanese vehicle  carrier   came  and went   without mention by  the  local  media .  

And the  day after  Anzac Day in Townsville , at the start of the Civic Pride Trail ,  there was  still  broken glass behind the Victory in the Pacific memorial fountain, which this blog had reported a week or so before .   In  addition,  there were  four   cans  in the top chamber ; a bottle , pieces of trees, straws,  a child's  T-shirt or  piece of   green cloth  in the bottom chamber . Cans ,  take away drink containers , sauce sachets , and  many cigarette butts  were scatted about the nearby   bus  shelter  on which  graffiti is again  appearing . There clearly  needs to be a   rubbish  bin   at  the  shelter.

Memorials  are  local and  national  shrines  and deserve  daily attention  by  the civic authorities.     How this  obvious  neglect  has been allowed to continue  for so long   reflects  badly   against   the  garrison  city .