Monday, April 23, 2018


Whilst slurping  latte  at  the popular  Cool Spot, Fannie Bay, Darwin , a blog correspondent   was   informed  that   it  is has been suggested a   television series be made about the  bygone  misadventures of  photographers and  reporters. The informant was none other  than  Darwin's   famous photographer , international  ice  hockey champion  and roving Vegemite ambassador ,   Barry  " Bazza " Ledwidge .

If anybody deserves  to star  in such a series it  is  he .  Recently  the adventures of   Ledwidge and  Brian Dawe ( of Clarke and Dawe on ABC TV )    during  a  ramble overseas in  much younger  days were  discussed  late at night on Radio National.   The  plot  for the proposed series would  centre on   the  extraordinary,  often bizarre  happenings when  a  photographer and  a  reporter  go   together  on  assignment. Chronicling  Ledwidge's  experiences  alone  would  make  the  series  bigger  than  Ben  Hur .
He nominated a  friend , Ray Sharpe , above , wherever he may be ,   another veteran newspaper photographer , with experience  in Sydney , Vietnam and  the  Northern Territory , as  a  snapper  who  should  be included  in  the series .  That is  not  a  modern reporter , paid peanuts,  working  with  Ray, it  is an inquisitive  monkey , which had illegally entered  Darwin on a  yacht ,  examining his camera . Ray famously said you have not lived until  you have experienced a monkey  stick  its  fingers  up  your nostril.
The owner of  the yacht became known as Monkey Bob  who  , with the help  of sympathetic other yachties , dodged  authorities trying to   impound   the   friendly  monk .  The   photos were   taken  by  Ledwidge ;   both he and Ray did not come down with rabies  due to contact with the monkey , although  they  felt  crook from  time  to  time   over  the  years  , especially  at  sunrise .

Barry, Charles Darwin University official photographer ,  wishes it  known that he is not the person of  the same name who says he is a retired psychologist interested  in  the  meaning  of  life.