Friday, April 13, 2018


Bleached coral  has been used  on Magnetic Island, North Queensland,   to  build  a  variety of  garden  structures  on   and  in  which  are   placed   plants, ornaments, butterflies , pieces  of  crockery .   

At the rate mankind is  cooking the Great Barrier Reef there is no fear of running out of  bleached coral as a  building  material . Indeed , it would not be surprising if  blocks of  mined   bleached coral  are  soon used to build  skyscrapers  along  the entire east coast of  Australia . In a Nordic  twist to this exclusive post,  one of Townsville's  ghost  fleet , the Singapore  flagged  vehicle  carrier  Viking  Coral, capable of  handling 4200 cars ,  is  seen  below  slipping out of  port , without  the  local   media  noticing,  except for our S(h)ipping  Reporter , the only one north of  Coogee .