Thursday, June 15, 2017

TROPICAL ODDITIES : Special study by odd / rare S(h)ipping Reporter

Roots in the bitumen on Townsville's  waterfront  form this  tangled  , artistic display of  pavement art  . From  the  public  waterfront walkway  near the  ferry terminal is  seen  an  old  chain  encrusted with  oysters , below . 
Watch your  step as  you perambulate along  the  inviting walkway, gawking about at the views,   as  there  are  several pavers missing  and you might tumble  into  the water and  end  up oyster  mayonnaise . The nearby  clump of  overgrown  hibiscus  needs  pruning, the attendant  weeds  pulled  out .

It would  be  nice  if  the Port Authority and Townsville Enterprise  could    combine to rectify this situation as there is a Townsville Bulletin  confidential report  that Prince Harry's  corny cardboard  cut  out  could once  more   visit  Townsville and it is  highly  desirable the city  look shipshape  and  tickety-boo  for  such  an  orgasmic occasion . 
 Sparrows on  Magnetic Island  use  the handlebars of the many bikes parked at the ferry terminal to soak up the  morning sun .  
 Leader of the bikie pack , in leather jacket, posing for all things  nautical reporter .