Sunday, June 25, 2017


It is more than likely that  the cardboard  cut out  of  Prince Harry , below, used in a corny stunt   by the Townsville Bulletin and   Townsville Enterprise in an unsuccessful  bid to lure him to the city ,will end up  in company with  the   above   abandoned, slumbering  zombie inmate   in  Virgil's weird  and  wonderful world . 
Virgil's   antiques and second hand  emporium  is  a fascinating ,   rambling  collection of   sheds  filled  with  oddities  where   Prince Harry  would  feel at  home , especially in  the   dark  dungeon  like part of  the  establishment  , a bit like the  wine cellar in Buck Palace ,  where  the  above  gruesome  undead  lodger  was   found  resting  in  a  plastic  tub .
Not  far  from the  one eyed  zombie with a few  spare hands  , our inquisitive , adventurous  S(h)ipping Reporter , the only one in North Australia , hoping to find  the log of  the  Mary Celeste to solve the nautical mystery ,  found  the  above  tin  travel  trunk   which   once belonged to  a  Jill Dolphin .  In all   his   time sailing the seven seas  , our  S(h)ipping  Reporter  mixed with a  mermaid or  three, but  never  a comely  dolphin  with a  watertight  locker  like  Davy  Jones .  
In the cluttered  shed  , not far  from the zombie  and Ms  Dolphin's trunk ,  he  was reminded  of  his  childhood  when  he   stumbled  across a  homemade Mickey Mouse rocker , similar  to   one  he had , from  which he frequently fell out  of  onto  his  head .
Inside the  main  building, loaded up like a  Spanish galleon with a wide  range of bullion , the offering  was  overwhelming . Books, books and more books ; a rack of limp  magazines  dealing with royalty ; another  stand of  ephemera ; prints  and  paintings , old  furniture , a wide  range of coloured  glass, souvenirs  galore, a  vast number of  medals  and tin buttons . Postcards  from  China , Malaysia and Thailand .    
Virgil's display window :A fitting resting  place  for Prince Harry. The stuffed and mounted bird in the  glass case is  in a condition the Townsville Bulletin would like  to  render  the squawking Magpie  which relentlessly   pecks the daylights  out of the Murdoch  paper .