Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Another S(h)ipping  Reporter  Scoop  
For many months  now , the   biplane seaplane known as  the Red Baron   has been missing  from its mooring in Townsville without  any comment  from the local media .  You  can  bet  your bottom  dollar that  in the event that the city gets  its proposed online  challenge to the Townsville   Bulletin  situations like  the missing  plane  will  not  go  unnoticed .
 Meanwhile , the plane is believed to be in Perth, Western Australia, where it is undergoing  unscheduled maintenance , no indication when it will be seen again in Townsville where its scenic flights  attract  much attention and  inspires local artists ,  evidenced  by  the   display  below  on nearby  Magnetic  Island .
The Red Baron has been flying out of  Townsville for  10 years ; last year it was taken over by Catalina Adventures , Western  Australia . The Red Baron Seaplanes  website carries the intriguing information that in the absence of  the plane in Townsville, it is  rumoured  that the  British  fighter ace "Snoopy" intends  to  barn storm  the  city and Magnetic Island . 
The website includes  the above   hangar workshop  view . Could  it  be Snoopy  in the  making ?