Thursday, June 15, 2017


Another  S(h)ipping Reporter  Scoop
Cunningly disguised  as  a   car carrier , this large bumboat smuggled the world's biggest  single  cargo of  childish  car  bumper stickers into Townsville this week  in support of the  proposed  Adani  Carmichael  coalmine  . Despite its  massive size, the  local media  did not  report the arrival , because there are no shipping reporters in  town , in fact north of the Alamo .
The Murdoch Townsville Bulletin    should have known in advance  about  the Demeter  Leader  arrival  because   it is the   major  northern distribution point  for   stickers  taking the piss out of  soy latte  drinkers , grouping   anybody against the  mine  as  latte sippers. Another shining example of  balanced  journalism  on  an  important  national  and  global  issue  .

Shown above  are  just two of the promos  , described as  "cheeky"  , for the stickers  , which have appeared in the Townsville Bulletin .The two smiling gents are none other than  Senators Ian Macdonald  and Matt Canavan , said to have been   the first  to  get  their hands  on  the tongue in cheek  stickers   at  the Bulletin office.   
Senator Macdonald 's  strange  habit  of  wearing  high-viz  clobber  like that  of an actual worker   or   a    school crossing  Lollipop   man  is on  record   as  saying the independent activists   GetUp ! are a  Hitler youth organisation . However, just  recently he was  said to have behaved like Hitler  when  as the chair   of  a  Senate   committee  he  refused permission for a member to ask  questions .   This caused  adjournment of the hearing when  his  order  was  challenged  . On resumption , florid faced  Macdonald was   forced to  acknowledge  he  had no  power to stop  the democratic  right of  a person to  ask  questions.
Strangely , the   local media  did not pick  up  the fact that a local politician who had  accused   a group of  being  Hitler  youth  had  himself  been accused of acting  like  Hitler .
Senator  Macdonald  is also  one of the many savage Tories and the right commentariat  who obsessively  monstered   Human Rights Commissioner  Gillian Triggs  over  the Forgotten Children report on refugee children in custody . In a face  to face , the red faced  Senator  delivered a  "lambasting ."
One account  of  his  onslaught   said ... "But just as the Queensland senator  really got  his ancient motor fired up , he hit a roadblock-despite his apparent fury at  its  (report) content, Macdonald admitted  that he had not actually read the report . "   
Laughter  ensued ,  a  titter   ran  through  the  house , followed  by  groans . The senator is on record  as  saying he  wants to stay on  in parliament  until he is 80 .And a member of his  staff  is  a candidate for  the next Queensland election .
And the illustrious Senator Canavan , minister for Federal Resources and Northern Australia  no less , a former chief of staff for now Deputy Prime Minister   Barnaby  Joyce, is one of those ever ready on  the  government  side  and  One Nation  to  attack the  ABC  for doing its job properly, expecially  reporting  facts  about  Adani.
A radio interview in which  Senator Canavan   called  an ABC report  lies   got a  great  run in the Townsville  Bulletin, naturally   highlighting  "LIES ".  Listen  to the actual  radio  interview  and  you  understand  why non Murdoch media and others  rightly criticised  Canavan's  comments .
His CV  states  that he is a former  executive of KPMG , the global network which provides audit, tax and  advisory services, some of it to governments. As such  the organisation is often called in  to  fully  investigate   and    report  on   various  important   matters for  governments  and   companies  : will this fly ? are the  principals  kosher?  what are  the  ramifications , etc  ?   So why hammer the national  broadcaster  for   doing  a  legitimate   check  on  Adani  ?
 It is interesting to note that Demeter  was the goddess of  the fruitful earth , protector  of  the social  order and  marriage .  This fact alone  , you would think ,  sufficient enough  to inspire  an  imaginative local scribe...if  anybody  keeps an eye on  the  docks ,  even  ventures  down  to  the waterfront  once  every  Leap  Year . 
And the same  day as the latte  bashing   stickers were being unloaded , another  ghost  fleet vessel , Gas Defiance , owned by a  shipping line with the dodgy moniker  , Stealthgas,  was  in port . Hopefully not plundering  our bigger than Saudi Arabia   gas  deposits   while  the expensive   lights  go  out  all  across  the  nation .