Saturday, April 22, 2017


Another  genuine scoop-not  fake news
After 100   days  of  running  America , President  Donald Trump  has decided to make  regular  trips to Magnetic Island  for  R and R , playing  golf   on the course  where  Greg  Norman used to  belt balls  when he was  a lad .  The above   reserved   spot  has  been set aside  for  his Sherman tank  at  the ferry terminal parking area.   Not all residents are happy  about   Trump  getting  special   parking    treatment  as  his  visits will be  few , probably  only one  a  month .  And parking  is a  growing  problem at the  terminal  . Interstate   Mexicans , like President Trump ,  from  across the border  and  the mainland,  are  known  to  leave  their  cars in  the   area  for  weeks  on   end  ,  taking  up  valuable   spaces  . The Magnetic  Island Ratepayers  and  Residents Association  recently   requested the Army Bomb Squad to  send in  a  cute looking   robot  to blow up   the many numerous   overparked   cars  at   the   terminal .   The president's tank , of course,  will not be destroyed-just towed away to a  holding yard  at the   dump by  landscaper and environmentalist   Charlie  McColl .