Monday, April 17, 2017


The greatest showman on earth , Donald Trump, has used   Disneyland to defuse  the possibility of  a nuclear war between  North Korea  and America . President Trump  stunned  the  world  , the Pentagon ,   armchair  strategists   and   Minnie Mouse   by   flying  in  clap happy  Kim Jong-un  to   play the part of the  Easter  Bunny , above , at the White House  with the firm promise that he would have  permanent ,  top  billing  at  Disneyland .  

In  an exclusive interview with  this blog, President Trump said the sabre rattling  of the North Korean leader is due to the fact that  every day is a bad hair day for him and that  he  has a  burning desire to visit   Disneyland ,  romp with  Bugs Bunny , ride the  range  like  Wild  Bill  Hickock  and  fire a  water  pistol  at  the  O.K. Corral .He also  revealed that Kim  has a strong urge  to turn Disneyland   into the  line  dancing  capital  of  the  world .
North Korean  crack line dancing team.
On being informed of  these   desires,   the president  got  the Veep  Mike Pence , on a  visit to the  Korean  DMZ,  to  pass a  secret  message, inside a  fake  carrot ,  to  Kim,  offering  him the  chance to  fulfil all   his  weird  fantasies in   the US of  A , if  he  instantly agreed  to  give  up  building  nuclear  missiles and  turn  existing rockets into   Japanese  scrapmetal  to be made  into  souvenirs  and  medals   for  the  looming Commonwealth  Games in  Queensland .
Amazingly,  the  offer was instantly  agreed to ; Air Force  One  made a  secret  flight   to  America  with   Jong-un  and  his 200 strong  entourage ,who clapped hysterically  all  the  way . 

President Trump confided that Kim's  eldest half brother , Kim Jong-nam , recently assassinated in Malaysia , had also  been fascinated by Disneyland.  Indeed, it  is  said  he    failed to be appointed  the leader of  the  nation because   he was  caught  trying to slip into Japan  on  a  false  passport   to  visit  Tokyo Disneyland . 

Some of Kim's top military men ,the Clap-along Cassidy Cowboy  Brigade, have expressed  the  wish  to  stage  a busy   Snowwhite and  the Seven Dwarfs  routine   at Disneyland , where  Walt  will be   thawed out  to  meet  and greet the visitors...a monumental day in the  history of  world  peace  negotiations .