Thursday, April 20, 2017


Allegations of  impropriety  in  high  places,  police investigations being  hushed up  ,  powerful  Indonesian  groups  manipulating  export of  live cattle  numbers  from    Darwin   to  benefit   their  own  financial interests , even  to the extent of  forcing  down the  price of Top  End  stations  they  intend to  buy ,   are  just some  of   the  many  rumours   swirling  about  the  Territory  capital . 

If   some of  these  are   correct , then  you have to wonder what  has  happened to the fourth  estate .  Are  its  members  deaf , not mixing with the  community at large ,  too   busy  being  churnalists , chasing  crocs   and   Martians  ,  to   be  real , inquiring  journalists , asking hard ,  probing  questions  ?

Another  subject  of  fiery discussion in Darwin  is the chaotic  state of  departments , partly due  to  the  disastrous  reign  of  the  Country Liberal Party ,  tossed  out   in a  massive  landslide , and  the  actions   of   cliques  and  buddies  within   departments  over   the   years .   One  colourful  description for   government  departments  is   that  they  have   been "smashed " , the canker  within  needing  to be  cut out .  

An  example of  the extraordinary depth of feeling  is  an  audacious  website    which  makes  outrageous , defamatory  claims  about  individuals in  a certain part of  government ,  asserting   whistle  blowers  have been    punished .        

The drug  scene  in   Darwin  is    the  subject of  much  scuttlebutt  in  various parts of  town, with  allegations  of snorting  in  high places , names   freely  bandied  about , the   implication  being  that  they  are  being protected .  For  the  respect of  the  community  and  faith in the  running  of essential   institutions , the  Gunner ALP government  ,which surely must  know of these  allegations ,  needs  to  give  close attention to the  matter .
 "Why  is  this    can   of   Coke  so  dear ? "... a  question   frequently asked  in Darwin   drinking  circles  by   persons  in  the  know .  
A prominent  Darwin  resident   expressed  his  concern about the  local  media  failing to   act  on  tips  he has given them   on  matters of  importance .  It seemed, he said ,  if you did not write the  story  for  the  reporters , hand it to them , or   send it  by  email   they   did not  have the time to  do what   they  are   supposed  to do , follow   up  and  write  reports.

He continued by saying   that  if  reporters  did  not act on tips and  failed to listen  to the  talk of  the  town then  they  clearly did  not   have  their  digits on the  pulse of  the  city .