Saturday, April 29, 2017


A rare photograph from our  Pacificana   Collection purporting to  show French artist Paul Gauguin  relaxing   in  the  Polynesian   Eden  , armed  with  insect  repellant  and  a  can of  beer . As both  containers  were  in a stubby holder , he had to be careful  not  to  drink  the mozzie killer  as  the  drinking session  progressed .   Hard  to  read   handwriting on  the reverse   says  the  snap was  taken  by his  visiting   short   back and sides mate , Henri de Toulouse -Lautrec ,   medically short in other  vital areas,  who  was  on  stilts .   Furthermore , the  white  feather in  Paul's  chapeau  is  said  to  have been  plucked from  a  Dodo , one  of  many  that  roamed freely  about   his  hut , taught  to   sing  La  Marseillaise  at   daybreak  each  day, causing  islanders to  complain  bitterly .