Thursday, April 20, 2017


Newspaper  Man
Following  the rejection by the Museum  and   Art  Gallery  Northern Territory  board  of   the   offer  of  an    award winning  unusual  piece  of  artwork inspired by Australian  Rules  footballer  Michael  Long's  long  march   for  Indigenous  justice   to   Canberra ,  comes  news  that  the  National Portrait  Gallery, strangely, also knocked back  the  offer of  the  unique  rendition , shown here ,  of   prominent  Darwin  based   journalist  and   author   Douglas  Lockwood.

Lockwood's journalist  son , Kim , of  Melbourne , said that last year he wrote to  the National  Portrait  Gallery, Canberra, offering the  above portrait   of  his father .  It received the same response as  the Michael Long  item,   which had been made and  offered by Darwin agronomist  Robert  Wesley-Smith.   In a polite but  firm letter , the National Portrait Gallery   had  said  it  did   not  "meet  their  criteria ."  
Douglas Lockwood , above, born 1918 ,  covered a large part of  North Australia when  he  was  the  Melbourne Herald representative  based  in  Darwin ,  there  when it was  attacked   by  the  Japanese , won the  London Evening News 1250 pound  prize for the World's Strangest  Story  about  Bas Wie , a 12 year old boy , kicked by a cook, who  stowed  away inside the  wheel nacelle  of a Dutch Dakota  which flew from Dutch Koepang  to Darwin  ,  a  three  hour flight in August   1946.

 The retracting wheel  laid  bare his shoulder blade , Bas became unconscious and  suffered  burns from the exhaust. On landing  at Darwin , he was  found  hanging  in the nacelle .The story has been told  here  previously how the people of Darwin firmly said  authorities  should not send him back to  Koepang  after medical treatment . He  resided  in  Government  House  at the  request the Northern  Territory  Administrator , Mick Driver .    

 Lockwood , who  wrote 12  popular  books  about the Territory, some  translated into at  least four languages , included  one dealing  with  the   bombing of  the Darwin  , was managing editor of  Herald and Weekly Times publications in Papua New Guinea, which he amalgamated  into the first national paper , The  Post- Courier  .  He was managing editor of  the Bendigo paper in  Victoria   when he died  in  1980. 

 Kim provided  pertinent comments  about  the rejected  portrait : It is a terrific likeness,  was made in the Northern Territory  by  artist  Jack Goodluck , won a prize at the Darwin Show ,  called " Newspaper Man ",  made  entirely of newspaper  clippings, very  clever .  It did not , however,  meet  the  Gallery's  criteria .  

Some  time  ago , Kim took up  with the   Darwin City Council   the subject of   his  father  not  being  included   in  the  parade of  notable  Territorians   represented   in   tiles  along   Darwin's  Esplanade   ... Douglas Lockwood , a  reporter and  author  who  put  Darwin  and  the  Northern Territory  on  the  map  in   many  ways.