Thursday, March 5, 2015


With  so  much publicity of late  about top  footballers involved with  drugs, the discovery  in  a  Darwin  police  raid  of  an  $8000 gold  and diamond  ring  made for the 2014 rugby  league  premiership  won  by  South Sydney-the Rabbitohs- is the subject of immense   interest  and  discussion .   Initially , only 20 of the rings were made for the team, coach, chairman and  CEO, handed  out the day of the win . A  further number were  made  for   support   staff  and sponsors .

Only  one has been  reported missing  by  a team member , Dylan Walker, lost  on a celebration  cruise  on  Sydney Harbour.  In  the  first match of  this  season ,Dylan  Walker opened the scoring for the Rabbitohs  in the 36 to  6  thrashing  of  the  Brisbane  Broncos at Lang Park . 

Those charged over the raid are  Anthony Orrell , 31, described as a member of the  Rebel’s  bikie gang  , who in a previous  encounter with the  law  was chased and  arrested  after  plunging   head  first into  a pile of manure , leading to the nickname, “The  Poogitive” ;   bikini model  Asher  De  Rouffignac , 26 . Both are on  bail .There is no  clue how this  ring came to be  found in the raid on Orrell’s  residence  which  found  steroids, metamphetamines, MDMA, cannibis  and  a  drug  pipe .