Tuesday, July 9, 2024


The  dramatic  message and possible  bloodstains on  a  folded and  worn  bundle  of  paper  in  a  Townsville recycling shop  grabbed  our attention.  On examination , it proved  to  be   newspaper  stories  about  bushrangers  and  other lawbreakers .   This   prompted   a   review  of   Little  Darwin's   Ned  Kelly  file .

It  includes  the  above circa  l907 Regal postcard photo of  the Kelly Gang - from the  left , Steve Hart ,Dan Kelly and Ned Kelly -  bought in Sydney and sent to  a  woman c/o Miss Neill, Gladston Road, Gisborne , New Zealand .  A handwritten message  says it  was  one  of   three  copies  bought  from boys "trying  to earn  a watch chain ."  

Long forgotten  was the  following  newspaper   cutting  showing Darwin  Constables  Kym  Chilton, left,  and Bill  Stavers  arresting  Mr Edward  (Ned)   Kelly, of Glenrowan, Victoria, who  admitted he was  preparing  for   Australia  Day .