Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Expected to open any day soon , the $35million  Cairns  Aquarium and  Reef Research  Centre , above , will  be a  strong challenge to the 30 year old  Townsville  Great Barrier Reef Aquarium   ,  below , recently the subject  of criticism about the condition  of   some  of   its   public  facilities . 
 The Cairns venture  hopes to attract  500,000  visitors a  year , many of them  from China , a  Chinese  airline  having recently started   direct  flights  to  the city .  Recently reopened  in  the  CBD  is  the renovated  over  two years  at a  cost of  $10million    Cairns Museum, in the School of Arts building , which  this blog  was   unfortunately  unable to  invade  because it was  not yet open to  the  public  during a  trip  north  .   However, visible  from the street , was  a  display of  cane cutters' knives  used  by toilers over  the  years .   
Harold  Jung  , keen on  body building  and martial arts , also  researched   the life  of Michael "Tarzan " Fomenko , called the  wild white man, which was eventually  made  into a book by  Cairns Historical Society member  Peter  Ryle. Fomenko gave up  Sydney  life to roam about the wild  north , at one stage  building a  canoe   on the  Jung  farm   at Deeral ; he  made  an  800km   trip   from  Cooktown  to   Dutch New Guinea  in another  canoe he built . See Little Darwin post MY LONG CHASE AFTER  TARZAN , July 17, 2016. 
 Another  exterior   wall of the museum   displayed large  early  photographs of  the  North , including  a  huge crocodile  skin .  
An interesting development  is the purchase by the   Cairns Regional  Council  of the old  Courthouse  Hotel  which   closed . It is right next to the   Cairns  Regional Art Gallery  and  it  is  not clear if  it  will be turned into an extension of  the  gallery,   which  has   limited  space.